Description of Electronic Commerce Framework/Generic Framework of E-commerce.

 Electronic Commerce Framework

  • E-Commerce applications will be built on the existing technology infrastructure
  • A myriad of computers Communication networks Communication software
  • Common business services for facilitating the buying and selling process
  • Messaging & information distribution as a means of sending and retrieving information
  • Multimedia content & network publishing, for creating a product & a means to communicate about it
  • The information superhighway- the very foundation-for providing the highway system along which all e-commerce must travel
  • The two pillars supporting all e-commerce applications & infrastructure
  • Any successful e-commerce will require the I-way infrastructure in the same way that regular commerce needs
  • I-way will be a mesh of interconnected data highways of many forms: Telephone, wires, cable TV wire, and Radio-based wireless-cellular & satellite
  • Movies=video + audio
  • Digital games=music + video + software
  • Electronic books=text + data + graphics + music + photographs + video
  • In the electronic ‘highway system’ multimedia content is stored in the form of electronic documents
  • These are often digitized
  • On the I-way messaging software fulfills the role, in any no. of forms: e-mail, EDI, or point-to-point file transfers
  • Encryption & authentication methods to ensure security
  • Electronic payment schemes developed to handle complex transactions
  • These logistics issues are difficult in long-established transportation


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