What are five key capabilities are required to make enterprise IDaaS solutions possible:

 Five key capabilities are required to make enterprise IDaaS solutions possible: 

1. Single Sign-on (SSO): With SSO, employees, partners, and customers have simple, quick, and secure access to all SaaS, mobile, and enterprise apps with a single login utilizing corporate credentials. 

2. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Adaptive authentication methods-options to scale up as risk grows depending on scenario changes, user behavior, or application sensitivity are common in MFA.

3. Access Security: Access security is policy-based access control for apps and APIs that goes beyond SSO to improve security. 

4. Directory: While most organizations choose to link IDaaS with their current user databases, a cloud directory may be used, particularly to assist customers and/or partners. 

5. Provisioning: User data is synchronized with online and corporate apps via SCIM support and connection with on-premises provisioning.


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