How thread is different from task?

 Thread is different from the task in the following ways:-

A task describes a program that may need input files and generate output files as a result of its execution and applications are a collection of tasks. Tasks are submitted for execution, and their Output data is gathered at the conclusion. The way tasks are produced, the sequence in which they are executed, and whether they need data interchange to distinguish the application models that come under the task programming umbrella.  A Task may be used to indicate what you want to perform, and then that Task may be attached to a Thread. Threads are utilized to finish the task by splitting it up into pieces and executing them individually in a distributed system.

A thread is a fundamental unit of CPU utilization that consists of a program counter, a stack, and a collection of registers. Threads have their program and memory areas. A thread of execution is the shortest series of programmed instructions that a scheduler can handle separately. Threads are a built-in feature of your operating system. The thread class provided by different programming languages such as .Net or Java provides a method for creating and managing threads.

A task is anything that you want to be completed that is a higher-level abstraction on top of threads. It is a collection of software instructions stored in memory. When a software instruction is placed into memory, it is referred to as a process or task. The Task can inform you if it has been completed and whether the procedure has produced a result. A task will use the Threadpool by default, which saves resources because creating threads is costly as a large block of memory has to be allocated and initialized for the thread stack and system calls need to be made to create and register the native thread with the host OS. When requests are frequent and lightweight, as they are in most server applications, establishing a new thread for each request might take substantial computer resources.


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