What is the most important advantage of cloud technologies for social networking applications?

    The most important advantage of cloud technologies for social networking applications
  • With over 1 billion members, Facebook is perhaps the most visible and intriguing social networking platform. To keep up with this enormous expansion, Facebook has needed to be able to expand capacity and build new scalable technologies and software systems while retaining high speed to provide a seamless user experience. Multiple data centers are required to support systems with a large number of users. They require highly efficient infrastructure. In the case of Facebook, such a platform largely supports the system's major functionality while also providing APIs for integrating third-party apps - such - as social games and quizzes made by others.
  • LAMP is the foundation of the basic reference stack that serves Facebook (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). This set of technologies is complemented by a suite of additional in-house services. These services are written in several languages and include features like search, news feeds, alerts, and analytics, among others. The user's social graph is built while serving page requests. The social graph identifies a set of interconnected data that is relevant to a certain person. The majority of the user data is retrieved via a distributed cluster of MySQL instances, which are largely key-value pairs. After then, the data is cached for speedier retrieval. The rest of the pertinent data is subsequently put together utilizing the previously described services. These services are closer to the data and are written in languages that are more performant than PHP. A collection of domestically built tools aids in the creation of services.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.


From document storage to office automation and whole desktop environments hosted in the cloud, productivity tools mimic some of the most typical actions that we are used to executing on our desktop.


200 Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 


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